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I’ve just moved to Collioure (arrived last nite!) and feel this is the true beginning of my life in france.  Until now, i’ve been living in Toulon, a city i never really liked.  I ended up there because i had some friends who helped me a lot with the initial “moving to France” details like letting me rent an apartment they owned so i never had to deal with looking for a place to live (as i’m doing now).

In fact, it was becomimg a bit too comfortable living there – i was learning my way around the city, i had a large, comfortable 2 bedroom apartment and i was starting to make some nice friends. I felt that if i didn’t leave soon i would start “settling in” and end up living for years in a city i knew wasn’t right for me, as i did in l.a. (altho i must add that i really did have a good life in santa monica, but i always felt that i had “one foot out the door” the whole time i was there).

One reason i stayed in toulon for as long as i did was because i wasn’t sure where i wanted to move. I had explored a few towns in the languedoc region of france (where i wanted to be), searching for the town that would give me a “yes!” when i arrived. Collioure gave me that yes, which is why i’m now here!!

I’ve rented a very small and very expensive studio apartment just for september while i search for something more reasonable starting in october (when the tourist season ends and rental prices drop).

Wish me luck and stay tuned! I’ll post photos of my mini apartment soon.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cathryhn hunter
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 16:39:07

    Lynne–This is so great! Wishing you luck!


  2. Jennifer Absey
    Sep 15, 2012 @ 02:23:41

    Welcome Home Lynne, I feel such relief and joy knowing you are settling closer to your heart’s content. Much love from 105+ degrees here in So Cal. Jennifer


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