sardinarde géant

i had a great day today!! i went to a “sardine festival” in collioure. apparently they have them throughout the summer and today was the last one of the season. for 10 euros we got a plate of grilled sardines, part of a baguette, some cheese, a nectarine and your choice of drinks – wine, iced tea, water, coffee, soda, etc.

i’ll post photos so you can see what i experienced. it was really enjoyable and i met some nice people.  i lucked out and sat next to a guy who brought tomatoes and figs from his garden, a bottle of rose wine, cookies and plum jam that he made himself!  

the men were real gentlemen and took our tickets and brought the food to us so we didn’t have to stand in line forever.  after the meal there was dancing but they were doing stuff i didn’t know how to do – the madison, tango and some other partner dancing that i never saw before. it was fun to watch, tho. one of these days i’ll have to take some dance lessons!

all in all it was a very satisfying day!  i was told that collioure has festivals “all the time”  – sounds great to me!! Image


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