a fun lunch!

with apologies to those on facebook – i just cut and pasted my posting from facebook here.  will put photos in next time!!

i had a delightful lunch today at a tahitian restaurant in collioure – “restaurant le parc aux couleurs de tahiti”. i was checking out the menu in the window and one of the owners came out and started talking to me. he asked me if i was tahitian, as he is, and i said, no, i was from hawaii. he told me his dad worked for continental airlines so he got to visit hawaii many times. we chatted for awhile, and i ended up having lunch there and it was so much fun!
peter, the guy i had spoken with, is a riot! he bursts into song at the drop of a hat and did impromptu tahitian dancing as he brought food to the tables. he told me they have a “spectacle” every nite with tahitian dancing. it’s a pretty small restaurant so i asked him where they danced and he said “right here!”, gesturing towards the middle of the restaurant and demonstrated where he stood to dance. i’ll have to go back to check it out!
i had a long, leisurely lunch and felt a bit homesick for hawaii – he played hawaiian and tahitian songs and the whole restaurant is packed with decorations from tahiti, which look just like the kinds of things you’d find in hawaii – lauhala hats, necklaces and “candelabras” made of shells, paper flower leis, flower prints on the walls, etc.
it seemed that all the customers in the restaurants enjoyed their lunch as much as i did. it was fun to spend time with such a free spirit, so full of joy!! next time i’ll have to bring my camera!!


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