Good, no GREAT news!!!

my apologies – i’ve cut and pasted my posting from Facebook.  i’m worn out from trying to post pics with the other post i did earlier! for some reason i can’t put spaces between the paragraphs about halfway thru this message.  sigh……

I found my new home!! It was kind of amazing how it all happened:

I went to the laundromat in town, which i usually never do, but i wanted to wash and dry my sheets for gloria’s arrival. I have a washing machine but no dryer and no place to dry something as big as sheets.

While i was there, an australian couple came in and we started talking, and I mentioned that i was looking for an apartment and b/c there were so few ads for long term rentals i thought “word of mouth” was how most locals found places to rent. The woman, lisa, said she would put me in touch with the friend of the woman who had rented them their vacation apt. She said, “oh, sue knows everybody! She’ll be able to help you!”

A couple of days later, sue phoned me and we met for coffee and had a really nice chat. She asked me what i was looking for, price range, etc. i told her my dream was to have an apt with a view of the sea and/or a garden, where i’d be able to sit outside under some trees and feel dirt under my feet. After living in cities for so long i wanted to be closer to nature.  after about an hour we said good bye and sue said she’d let me know if she found anything.
As i was walking back up the hill to my apartment, sue called and asked me if i wanted to see an apartment with a garden – that woman works fast!!  She told me that when i said i wanted an apartment with a garden, she immediately thought of one that a friend of hers had rented 4 years ago. The owner was australian and as she was walking along, wondering how she could reach the owner, she saw her in a shop! Nicci, the owner, was only in town for 3 days, so the timing was beyond perfect!!  and the apartment was available for a long term rental!!
I had spoken to sue about how i needed to feel a “yes!” when i walked into a place and i have to say, i started feeling that yes as i was walking up the stairs to the apartment (actually, it’s really a house!), before i even went inside!
It’s even larger than what i had hoped to find – 3 bedrooms! – with a medium sized fridge instead of a mini one, a real oven instead of a microwave and of course, the GARDEN!  It’s quite small but very private, with a little table and chairs, and on the level below there’s a little patio with a big barbecue thingy. I hope the weather stays warm for a little longer after i move in so i can enjoy it a bit before the fall/winter weather starts!
Nothing is perfect, of course, and everything looks a bit “tired”, as nicci described it, and somewhat neglected, b/c she’s been away from collioure for 4 years (altho people have been renting it all along). She said they did a big renovation 4 years ago, but it definitely could use some sprucing up. But i’m not complaining!! She said i could do whatever i wanted in the garden, so i’m wondering about plants that bloom even in cold weather. Any suggestions?
The other thing is i won’t be able to move in until the 15th and time is just craaaawling by!!!  Anyway, that’s my magical coincidences story for today!
another interesting thing happened before i made my final decision.  nicci also had a sea view apartment which was available so i suddenly went from no apartments available to having 2 apartments that i really liked. the sea view apt was right in the town, tho, and the garden house is on a quiet street about 30 seconds from the twice weekly market and about a 2 or 3 minute walk to the beach – it’s really a perfect location!
also, the seaview apt was on the 3rd floor of a bldg with no elevator and the steps were incredibly steep.  the whole apt was lovely but much smaller than the house and i had a small terrace so i’d have to have plants only in pots again, like in santa monica. and the view of the bay was kind of teensy.
anyway, nicci invited me to go back to both places to see how i felt in each one so i could be sure when i made my final decision.  in retrospect it was so clear that i was meant to be in the garden house, judging by the miraculous timing that had to be put in place in order for me to find it.  but i can be dense sometimes, so i had to exercise my own willfulness and went back to check out the seaview apartment again.  interestingly, i couldn’t find it!!  when i went to see it with nicci, i carefully noted some landmarks so i could find it again and she told me the door to the bldg was never locked.  well, i couldn’t find an unlocked door no matter how many times i walked up and down that little street!  i thought i knew exactly where it was but all the doors around there were locked. i even tried a couple on the other side of the street with no luck.
then, as i headed back to the house on rue michelet, i started feeling happier and happier the closer i got to it.  it’s nice to have such clear messages about where i belong!!!  my address, fyi, is 6 rue Michelet, 66190 Collioure, FRANCE.
so now all i have to do is figure out how i’m going to get the rest of my stuff from toulon to collioure!!!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rowena
    Oct 12, 2012 @ 03:05:46

    Congratulations on your new apartment with a garden- next spring you’ll be extra glad you chose the garden apt. (or it chose you!). Love, Rowena


    • thegoodlifeinfrance
      Oct 12, 2012 @ 07:53:33

      Hi rowena, nice to hear from you! Yes, i’m looking forward to sitting in my garden nezxt spring, surrounded by flowers. Come visit! I’m so glad i have such a nice place to welcome my guests now!


  2. Ruth
    Oct 13, 2012 @ 19:09:31

    Peter and I can’t wait to see your place. Next time we come to Villefranche (I think there will be a next time) we will be sure to come down your way. We are so happy for you. It was clearly meant to be.

    Meanwhile, Jean has been absent because his mother is ill so Directeur Latty is our teacher now until Jean returns. He is très sympa. I told him he should return to the classroom. Ha ha.


    • thegoodlifeinfrance
      Oct 13, 2012 @ 19:30:07

      so sorry to hear about jean’s mother. isn’t he from perpignan? i’m surprised that mr. latty is tres sympa! don’t know why! glad you’re enjoying him, too, tho. i’ll be waiting to welcome you and peter to collioure next year!!


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