More about gloria’s visit

I got a little side tracked talking about all that good food and then i got frustrated when i tried posting some photos so i took a break for a few days, but what an eventful few days they were!!   More about that later!

So back to gloria’s visit – one of the nicest things we did was a hike we took to the hermitage less than a mile from this apartment.  We were incredibly lucky – there were a few forks in the road and we managed to choose the right one every time!

Many parts of the path reminded me of the camino, especially as we got closer to the hermitage.  There were even yellow markings along the way, similar to the arrows that marked the path on the camino.  Sigh….sometimes i wish i was still on the camino.  It was a really happy time for me!

When we got to the hermitage, i was a bit disappointed to find that it had been converted to a hotel!  It looked pretty low key from the outside, tho, so i think they tried to keep the essence of the energy of the hermitage.  Unfortunately, the chapel was closed when we got there, too.  Oh well, it was a nice walk anyway and we stopped in a vineyard on the way back and meditated.  There were still some grapes on the vines and after we convinced ourselves that the vineyard had already been harvested and the ones we found would just go to waste, we helped ourselves to some of them.  They were delicious and we did our best not to think about things like pesticides!  🙂

On another day, we went to the museum of modern art, where i had been before and discovered survage, a russian artist whose work i really enjoyed, and gloria liked his exhibition, too (he was a contemporary of artists like matisse and picasso).  After that, we took a short (but steep!) hike to the windmill which is one of the landmarks in collioure.

All in all, it was a really nice week, despite the close quarters. And now i’m going to try to post some photos.  Wish me luck!  I’m trying to wean myself off facebook but i must say it’s much simpler to post photos there!

And then after that i’ll post my big news (those of you on facebook already know what it is!).

Okay – hopefully there will be some photos with this posting!


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