Demenagement de Toulon a Collioure

just got back yesterday afternoon from toulon where i went to pack up my stuff to bring it to collioure. my buddy louis referred me to a really nice couple who did the move at a very reasonable price. they even gave me a ride back to collioure so i wouldn’t have to take the train (no extra charge!). 🙂 i liked their style – very mellow and willing to take their time and enjoy life. instead of rushing to get to collioure the fastest way, they took the scenic route (even tho it made the trip a few hours longer) and for lunch, instead of eating as we drove along, we stopped at a little parking area with trees that could shelter us from the rain that was threatening to fall (it didn’t). christian took a little folding table out from his truck, along with a thermos of coffee and one with hot water (his wife bridgitte drinks tea). he even had a knife to cut the sandwiches (which were enormous and delicious!) and folding chairs. obviously this is something they do on a regular basis!!

it took all of 5 minutes to load up the truck in toulon b/c there were no stairs and it was a very short walk from the house to the truck. once we were in collioure, however, it was a different story – i have 29 steps leading to my house -ooof!!! i had asked bane, who had been kind of the handyman here (he’s moving out tho) to be here to help and he also brought another guy along, thank goodness. and we were super lucky because, despite weather reports of storms and rain all day there was no rain during the time we were hauling stuff upstairs. apparently i missed a huge storm the nite before, too and late last nite we had another downpour. i saw on the news that the town of lourdes had a big flood and 450 people had to be evacuated. all you could see was rushing water moving thru the town where the streets had been. fortunately, the statue of the virgin mary was high enuf that the water didn’t reach her.

at last, i finally have my stuff in one place. now all i have to do is sort thru everything and find a place to put it all. ack! for such a big house there’s hardly any storage space – another opportunity to get rid of stuff!!! i feel like now i can really settle into my life in france – it only took me a year and a half!! now i just want to stay home and nest!! hope the weather warms up again so i can go back out to my little garden and spend some time there with the trees and plants. what a tranquil little haven it is. i am truly blessed!!!


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