The good life continues…..

we’ve had some lovely, warm days and i’ve been able to sit in my garden every day since thursday! i was inspired to get a sketch book and drawing pencils – haven’t done any sketching for years. i was sad to discover that drawing is not like riding a bike (you never forget how). i feel like i’m starting all over from scratch – no skills whatsoever!!! dang…

the other day i noticed that there were about a dozen olives on my olive tree – how exciting is that!!! i have no idea what to do with them – maybe i’ll just let them die of old age on the tree. i tried tasting a “fresh picked” olive once and bleaaagh! i’m not doing that again! does anyone have any idea what to do with fresh olives?

and anne marie found a mint plant in the garden so i’ll be able to make mint tea! today i chopped up a cucumber and mixed in goat cheese yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper and some chopped up mint. it was yummy! i made a grilled chicken sandwich and had that with the cucumber thingy for lunch, sitting out in my garden. i swear food tastes better when i eat it there!

i took some photos of the olives on my tree but i’m having problems again uploading the photos. sigh. on top of that, my internet connection is very sporadic. some days i can’t get online at all, or i’m kicked off just minutes after i get on. hopefully i’ll have my own in-house connection in a couple of weeks!!


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  1. Ruth
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 18:36:17

    I love reading about your life in france, Lynne. What a gift. Thank you for sharing. I did well à l’institut! Jean was very impressed with my second exam at the end! I haven’t gotten my certificate yet as they are mailing it. I definitely want to go back. Each time, I get so much from it. Hope to visit you then, too!


  2. Dolo
    Nov 06, 2012 @ 18:47:29

    Lynne ypure are becoming quite the adventurous chef!!! I agree , its nice to have an outside place to eat, especially things from youre own garden!! I just planted luttuce arugula lemon thyme oregano an a varity of mints!!bon appetite!! Love dolores


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