another reason why i love living here…

i posted this on Facebook so i apologize for the repetition to those on fb.  not sure why these numbers came out in the post and i can’t seem to delete them!

  1. Just to give you an idea of how nice people are here:
  2. I took the bus to the saturday market in the town next to collioure, port vendres, and had to wait almost 3 hours for the next bus back to collioure. Knowing this, i brought my ipad, hoping to find a restaurant with free wifi, since i’ve been having so much trouble getting online at home (france telecom is coming on wednesday to hook me up to the internet, cable tv and phone – can’t wait!).

    I found a restaurant with wifi easily enuf, but their password was 27 characters long! It alternated letters and numbers, which meant changing screens each time on my ipad. I tried about 6 times and kept getting the message that the password was incorrect. 

    Eventually the manager came by and asked if i was online and i told him about my failed attempts to log on. He promptly sat down and tried to enter the password, reassuring me that it did work, only to get the same error message that i had gotten. 

    At one point, as he was carefully entering the numbers/letters, someone asked him a question and he lost his place, and said “mince!” which is kind of like “darn!” and he had to start all over again. It made me smile…

    In the end he couldn’t log on either, but i was so impressed that he would spend 10 or 15 minutes trying to help me! i’ve found people here are very kind and helpful.  when i was looking for an apartment,  everyone i mentioned it to tried to think of someone who might help me, or they’d call someone. one woman left her shop untended to take me to the store of her friend around the corner who had a place for rent.  it’s very sweet!


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