field trip to perpignan!!

i spent a really pleasant day in perpignan with my buddy louis.  he fixed me an amazing salad with all kinds of exotic stuff and his dressing was delicious!  i’m always in awe of people who can just “whip up” an incredible, delicious meal seemingly effortlessly.  i’m pretty far from that level of culinary achievement.  i did make a good soup yesterday, tho!  🙂

after lunch we went to an optical shop because louis wanted me to help him choose some new eyeglass frames. we had a lot of fun as he tried on all the different styles they had available. i took some photos of him so he could send it to his friend for his opinion, too.  actually, it was a good idea to do that b/c then he could kind of look at the different styles of frames a bit more objectively. he finally narrowed it down to 4 different styles and tomorrow he’s going to another shop before he makes his final decision. i’m glad i don’t wear glasses – it would be agony for me to choose the frames and besides, i don’t look good in glasses anyway!

oh, the best part of the day was when louis showed me a health food store very close to the train station. yay!!! that’s one thing i miss and i’m so happy to have a place to buy some organic stuff!  it’s a pretty large store so they carry a wide variety of organic products. Goody! i can just take the train or bus to perpignan, walk to the health food store, do my shopping, and take another train back to collioure (it takes me 6 minutes to walk to the train station in collioure with my new short cut!), all within a couple of hours.  slowly, slowly i’m getting my life organized here!


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