it’s been awhile!!

time goes by so quickly, even tho the daily pace of my life is slow and usually quiet, except that since i’ve moved to collioure, i’ve had 9 overnite visitors and 4 all day visitors from out of town, not including a 3 yr old and an 18 month old and a sweet dog (aptly named sweet pea!). fun!!

i’m very grateful to have so much space to offer my friends who come to visit, and i love to share my special town of collioure with them.

in early december i had two house guests, karen and ken, friends of my good friend lina, who lives in san luis obispo. karen and ken also live in slo but are spending a year in aix en provence, a dream that karen has had for a long time (i can relate to that!). tho we had never met before, i instantly felt comfortable with both of them and it seemed that i had known them for a long time. karen and i had some good “girl talks” and ken took it upon himself to find a portable heater for me (my apartment was freezing!!). he drove around until he found a great one in just my price range. it’s quite heavy so i don’t know how i would have managed to cart it home on the bus, even if i could have found it in a store. needless to say, they can come back to visit me anytime they want!! πŸ™‚

they invited me to go along with them to figueras, to visit the dali museum and i gladly accepted. the museum is really huge and you can see how prolific dali was, and in just about every medium – pen and ink, paint, sculpture (various materials), collage, jewelry, etc etc! his museum really gives me a sense of his genius as well as his insanity.

they also came with their english spaniel, sweet pea, who really is a sweet pea! she’s apparently adapted very well to life in france and was a very well behaved guest!!

i’m going to try to post their photos – let’s see what happens!! πŸ™‚


karen and ken


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