it’s been awhile, part 2

well, i’m now filled with confidence after successfully posting pictures of karen and ken and sweet pea (thanks to some tips from karen), so i’ll continue with more adventures since their visit.

my friends alan and amanda, from the sacred fire community in santa monica, were coming to barcelona to visit their daughter who is doing a semester abroad program there, so they were planning to come visit me, too.  a few days before they were scheduled to arrive, alan (who is the shaman and firekeeper of the santa monica community) told me that grandfather fire had given instructions to do an all nite fire on the solstice, the 21st, to mark the end of a 5000 year cycle and then another fire the following nite to welcome the new cycle (and the dawning of the aquarian age at last!).j

by a wonderful miracle marina, the owner of the apartment they were renting in barcelona, really “got it” and said she would make it happen and found a place for us to have the all nite fire out in the country about an hour from barcelona (close to monserrat, which i’d like to visit sometime!).  all of this came together the nite of the 20th and i was on a train the next morning for barcelona!

it was a magical time and i was so happy to be sitting by a fire again, especially on such an auspicious occasion.  marina had invited some of her friends so there were 14 of us, and we wrote down all the things we wanted to leave behind at the end of this cycle and the next morning we threw our papers into the fire.  we watched the sunrise and then went to marina’s home in a nearby town and slept most of the day.  alan, amanda and i had been up the whole nite, but we’re used to it!

that evening we had another fire at marina’s and welcomed the new cycle.  it was a very powerful time and i feel so blessed to have been able to participate in these very special rituals to mark this unique time in the history of our planet.

i got back to collioure on the 23rd and left the next morning for beziers, to spend christmas eve and christmas day with my friends jacqueline, christian and their children raphael and sara. it was a lovely, small celebration and i ate very well, as i always do with them!! christian usually does the cooking. he told me that they had a cook when he was growing up but his father loved to cook so he grew up with the idea that men belong in the kitchen, cooking, and he’s continued his dad’s tradition (very well, i might add!).

and now for some photos – drum roll, please!!



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