New Year’s in Collioure

i found out that new year’s eve is a very big deal in collioure!!  35 – 40,000 people arrive just to see the fireworks that start at midnite on the 31st!! a few days before the end of the year, it started getting crowded here, like it was during the summer. i even had to stand in line at the grocery store, can you imagine that!?!  i’ve gotten so spoiled living in a small town where there are no crowds and no lines!!

the evening celebrations started with a circus parade with people dressed up in all kinds of costumes.  we missed that b/c we were still at my place snacking and talking! 


i was really, really happy that my friends, the kerners, and their friend dominique were coming to collioure to help me bring in the new year.  i couldn’t have asked for a bigger blessing to start 2013!!!  we had lunch as soon as they got here from barcelona and after that they got the obligatory tour of the town with a stop at a creperie where we had dessert – yum!!

after walking around we came back to my place and had another snack (see photo above) and then a short time later we went to have dinner at le l’andalou restaurant. the decor was more tahitian than andalusian because one of the owners is from tahiti and they had only been open for a week (they took over this restaurant and hadn’t changed the name). we had a good 2 hour dinner and finally it was time for the fireworks!!

it was quite cold, altho the evening of the 31st was surprisingly comfortable (not warm, just comfortable – you still had to bundle up!).  i couldn’t believe how crowded the streets were.  because there were so many people, it took forever just to go about half a block and along the way i lost amanda and dominique!  one minute they were in front of me and the next minute they were gone!!  alan and i found a spot to watch the fireworks (the good thing was you could get a good view of the “feu d’artifice” from just about anywhere!) but then he went to find amanda and dominique and was swallowed up by the crowd. thank goodness for smartphones that can send and receive texts!

here are a few photos of my bundled up friends, some of the costumed people, Imagethe crowded street and some fireworks.  all in all it was a wonderful start to the new year!!



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rowena
    Jan 15, 2013 @ 20:30:51

    Magnifique! Beats LA any day, but especially on New Year’s! A great beginning to tyour next whole year in la belle France! Love, Rowena


  2. Irene Gerkewicza
    Jan 16, 2013 @ 11:03:57

    Nice pictures.


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